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19 October 2005
InventoryWords released
InventoryWords released. Please have a look at this excting new product.

Keywords Level

Add and delete keywords lists

The Benefits for You

Promote hundreds of products on Google with hundreds of keywords in a clear and simple way. Use InventoryWords to:

  • Organize and reorganize keywords easily
  • Create large campaigns quickly
  • Start promotions immediately

Successful keywords are targeted keywords. Once you define them you usually use them in a number of campaigns, to promote a number of products. Organising keywords lists could raise your sales and profits, but appears to be time-consuming. Not any more. InventoryWords optimizes this process in a way that you just find the appropriate keywords while the rest of the work is performed automatically.

How it works

Let's say you launch 3 new products in your X-Cart shop, 2 of them are beauty magazines while the 3rd is a lifestyle one. At first, you create one or more templates of keywords and then link them to your products.

With InventoryWords your promotions are as easy as making templates.

Option 1: You create one template for beauty magazines and a second one for lifestyle mags. This way you get very targeted keyword lists for both products and manage everything quite easily.

Option 2: You link all mags to one and the same keyword template. In this way you can group general keywords into one template and use it for any available product.

Most importantly InventoryWords offers you an easy-to-handle and clear structure. So every time you start selling a new item you have one simple task - link the product to the best template, from now on InventoryWords will set the other things up.

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