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19 October 2005
InventoryWords released
InventoryWords released. Please have a look at this excting new product.

AdGroup Level

Activate, change, suspend and delete AdGroups

The Benefits for You

With InventoryWords you find the most effective way to manage tens and thousands of products and their Google adverts. Instead of spending half a day in manually opening new ad campaigns, finding appropriate keywords, pausing the adverts of underselling items, adjusting daily budgets, etc, you can wisely automate these tasks and:

  • Mass add, update and delete ads and keywords
  • Instant synchronization on Google AdWords
  • Easily manage ad costs, sales and profits
  • Pause the ads when you ran out of stock
  • Reduce losses with inventory control
  • Minimize the possible mistakes

Once InventoryWords is integrated into your X-Cart e-commerce website, you just add a dozen of new products into your shop and watch them appear instantly on Google AdWords. The process is fully automated, you start attracting clients with no waste of time.

InventoryWords automatically starts a new AdGroup in accordance with your settings, suspends an AdGroup when the product is out of stock and restarts this AdGroup on product availability. Each AdGroup supports one product, i.e. if you sell 50 items InventoryWords runs 50 AdGroups.

How it works

Every time you add a new item in X-Cart shopping cart a new AdGroup is automatically created as soon as you select your keywords and creatives options. So, first you select a keywords list, second a creatives group and then InvetoryWords makes this work on Google AdWords.

Basically each campaign contains one or more AdGroups, each AdGroup is associated with only one product and has 2 elements: keywords and creatives. That's why to activate a new AdGroup InventoryWords needs keywords and creatives initially defined. The keywords list is a list of search phrases which are thematically related to your product, while creatives are text adverts which actually appear on Google.

For this purpose InventoryWords has Keywords Templates to manage your keywords in Google AdWords, and Creative Templates to handle the text ads.

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