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19 October 2005
InventoryWords released
InventoryWords released. Please have a look at this excting new product.

Product Features

  • Inventory-driven advertising
    When you run short of a product, you don't need to care about that - InventoryWords will pull you out. InventoryWords keeps eye on your products and whenever something is sold out InventoryWords automatically avoids spending advertising dollars on this.
  • Manages your campaigns 24/7
    What you have in stock and what you promote on AdWords is supervised at day as carefully as at night. InventoryWords is your hard-working AdWords assistant that will pay off by working all day long, on weekends and holidays, without bothering you.
  • Creates template-based ads automatically
    You can make your life easier - just make a few templates of AdWords ads and InventoryWords will do the rest of the promotional job. Sell hundreds of products as good as a dozen while InventoryWords takes care of campaign management.
  • Saves unnecessary ad costs
    InventoryWords saves you money as it promotes only what you have in the shop, while the outdated ads are automatically suspended. Misleading ads could harm your business with excessive costs and also fail to grab the interest and money of your valuable customers.
  • Makes you money
    InventoryWords is designed to make you extra profits from your shop. How? The answer is clear: never miss a chance to sell. With InventoryWords you never post your ads a day later - InventoryWords posts them immediately, and you never worry for the business in your leisure time - your InventoryWords keeps selling all the time.
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