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19 October 2005
InventoryWords released
InventoryWords released. Please have a look at this excting new product.

Welcome to InventoryWords

See what InventoryWords can do for your online shop in a Quick Demo

InventoryWords is an innovative tool which combines online marketing, advertising and automation into one interface. Created as an adverting module for online X-Cart shops InventoryWords automatically runs pay-per-click ads on Google AdWords.

Designed to improve a shop's sales performance InventoryWords follows a professional AdWords advertising approach. View a quick presentation


  • Enables you to create highly-targeted ads, specified for every product from your shop
  • Optimizes your ad spend as the ads created with InventoryWords are targeted as much as possible to convert to sales
  • Launches your ads on Google AdWords instantly and runs them 24/7
  • Automatically controls the ad spend depending on product inventories

InventoryWords is created with the collaborated efforts of software developers and Search Engine Marketing specialists from the Mirchev Ideas team, which make it a very powerful ad tool.

Mirchev Ideas' ad specialists are certified AdWords professionals. To qualify for the certificate they have met high practical and knowledge requirements.

InventoryWords gets installed into your X-Cart administrator interface so that it is possible for online store owners to manage AdWords campaigns directly from the shop.

Welcome to


AdWords X-Cart Module

Order your X-Cart add-on for Google AdWords by December 30 and get FREE professional installation. Let this smart module run your ad campaigns on Google 24/7.

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